5 Ways to Please a Sugar Baby Sexually

Turn on Sugar Baby

Men who sign up on sugar daddy dating websites do it to please a sugar baby. After all, nothing pleases them more to know that a woman is hot and bothered by contacting her. Are you a sugar daddy that wants to turn a sugar baby on? Unaware of how to make this happen? Here are some helpful hints below to turn women on, but bear in mind this, what works for one woman may not work for all.

Gently Touch Her

Every part of a woman’s body is a neural receptor that wants to be stimulated. Direct touches are obvious signs that you want her. However, go with more subtle touches to arouse her body. Consider putting your hand on the small of her back. Or, you can put your hand on her forearm or shoulder. It’s all sensory, and the body is making notes of it. It’s keeping a record of the energy, and it’s looking for when the energy needs to be released.

Whisper Sweet Nothings to Her

The majority of women love to hear sappy things men have to say. However, if you whisper the sexy nothings into her ear, they speak volumes. Brush her hair away from her ear and whisper things to her. Tell her that she looks beautiful and what you’d like to do to her. The breath from your voice along with your words will send shivers throughout her body and spine. She will notice you.

Lower the Lights

Although dimming the lights doesn’t do much in the way of lubrication, it does arouse her senses. Also, many women have a hard time with their bodies when they’re naked. They find it difficult to enjoy the sexual experience with the lights on.

Move Slowly

To turn a woman on, you need to move slowly. Believe or not, the foreplay should last longer than the sex act. You want her to feel turned on so that she’ll crave you even more. If you’ve had sex multiple times already, consider making a journey over her entire body before moving into the final act.

Communicate With Her about Her Likes and Dislikes

It’s a good idea to talk with a woman to know what she does and does not like. You also want to know if you’d be good bed partners. Her likes and dislikes may not resonate with you and vice versa. Of course, in the middle of the act, you don’t want to constantly ask her if she likes something or not. Women do like it when you control them in bed.

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