6 Things You Should and Should Not Do In A Sugar Dating Relationship

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What Should You Not Do In A Sugar Baby/Daddy Relationship?

Lie or Be Dishonest- How many times have you heard that honesty is the best policy? This is true when it comes to a relationship, but most especially sugar relationships. If you’re not upfront about what you’re looking for from the sugar daddy/baby relationship, there’s room for misunderstandings. A sugar daddy has the money to provide; you just have to be honest about what it is you’re looking for.

Be straightforward and honest to clear the air. If you need a little help to pay for extra books, for your rent or there is something you’d like to buy, let him know. It doesn’t mean making demands but talk to him about it. Don’t lie about things, as he’s bound to be receptive to helping you out. If you show him that things are tough, he’s liable to help you out if you’re not so demanding.

Overly Demanding- There’s a distinction between asking for a little more and being overly demand. Remember the old saying, “less is more.” Therefore, the less you ask for, the more you’ll end up getting from the arrangement. There must be something more than financial reasons for your sugar daddy/baby relationship, as you don’t want to come across as a gold digger.

Not Keeping Up Your Looks- All women (and men too) get comfortable in a relationship, and that usually leads to letting oneself. It’s not that they don’t care about how they look. They just don’t try anymore. However, in a sugar daddy/baby relationship, you must always keep up the best possible appearance. When you’re home alone, you can unwind and dress down. But, you’re out and about with your sugar daddy, you need to look you very best all the time.

What Should You Do In A Sugar Baby/Daddy Relationship?

Set Up A Clearly-Defined Agreement- Make sure that your agreement is one that both of you agree upon. This will ensure that you know what one another expects in terms of allowance/gifts, time, availability and other important issues. Make sure to add conditions that can cause the relationship to end. The more in-depth the agreement is, the better the relationship goes.

Realize What Your Place Is- Sugar babies need to understand that wealthy men are looking to escape their everyday lives. They want someone impulsive, a bit spontaneous and isn’t very emotional. Thus, you must make sure to make your sugar daddy feels he is the most important person in your life when you’re hanging out. Don’t be overly demanding and provide some ideas from time to time.

you must be respectful of his time and ideas. When you go to dinner or out somewhere together, tell him thank you. Never ask personal questions until he begins opening up. You can talk to him, but don’t get too personal – avoid talking about the drama but instead your dreams and feelings. Sharing this information can generate chemistry.

Keep Being Who You Are- Once the arrangement has been made, you need to ensure it stay the person you are. Don’t become so complacent that you allow yourself to get overly comfortable. Use the resources you have to boost the sugar relationship.

When a man begins taking care of your needs, it’s not uncommon to become dependent. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Maintain your sense of identity away from the relationship – doing things for yourself, enjoying your hobbies and friends. Sugar daddies love it when the woman they are with is independent.

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