6 Key Flirting Tips To Garner a Sugar Daddy

Flirt Sugar Daddy

Have you ever wondered what it would take to garner a wealthy man’s attention? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that there are six tips here that will help you to effectively flirt and get their attention.

Learn What Your Distinctive Allure Is

What makes you so different from other sugar babies out there? Why should a sugar daddy pay attention to you over the many other sugar babies trying to get his attention? It’s important to learn what your unique allure is. What do you have that will appeal to sugar daddies? Remember, sugar daddies each have their tastes. The allure you have may not appeal to all men.

And, that’s perfectly fine!

Just learn what it is that you make you tick and turns Sugar Daddies on and use it.

Give Him Compliments

Men love it when they’re being complimented – it’s a real boost to their ego. They also like the idea of easy-to-please women. If your goal is to win him over, be sure you act as if you need and appreciate him. You can let him know that holding doors and giving you his jacket is exactly what you like and it makes you think highly of him. Men love it when they can make a woman feel special.

Flirt With Him

Here’s the thing – not all men have game when it comes to the dating scene. Shy men find it quite difficult to express their feelings to a woman they are interested in. If you like a guy, consider letting him know that you’re interested. Show the man that you’re thinking of him, subtly hinting at what you’d like to happen.

Or, you can use the more direct approach and let them know what it is you want to happen.

Use Your Body Language To Generate Chemistry

Your body language can speak volumes about what it is you want. Use it to your advantage. You can brush the hair from your eyes or establish long eye contact. You can be physically close to him, as it will help to produce a little bit of chemistry and intimacy. Get into his space to see how he’ll react. How does he react when you touch his knee, shoulder or arm? Does he back away when you try holding his hand?

Avoid The First Communications

Instead of sending him, “Good Morning” texts or making the first phone call, wait. You want him to contact you first. The idea is to get him to want you. If you want to leave a suggestive text message to get him thinking about you, that’s fine. But, for the typical topic conversations, let things simmer, so he comes to you first. You don’t want to come across as desperate or needy.

Go With The Bold Approach

Men are turned on when women are bold in what they want. Many men hate the games women play. Go ahead and flirt, sharing him details of things you’d like to see happen.

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