Spot Fake Sugar Daddies

Fake Sugar Daddy

While most men that you meet on sugar baby sites are looking for companions, there are always those who like to use fake profiles and photos to pretend to be a rich guy. We’ve discovered that most of them pretend to be a rich sugar daddy to have an encounter with a beautiful woman, or even steal your important personal information. You could easily get mislead by fake profiles or photos, so always be cautious. Here are 4 signs you should notice when you seek sugar daddies.

Strong intention for sex- A man who talks about sex right at the early beginning of the relationship or directly asks you out to his apartment, is more likely to be a fake one. Sugar baby relationship also needs two people to know each other, and people on sugar baby websites are looking for mutually beneficial companions other than pure sex. A real sugar daddy will always want to know you first, if sugar babies and sugar daddies have sex immediately they first meet each other, this would look like prostitution.

Ages and qualities- Most sugar daddies age from 40-60, if you meet a rich man who turns out to be a very young, then probably you have met a fake sugar daddy. If a man is not born with abundant wealth, he would need years to accumulate his wealth and status. Besides, successful and rich men usually are very sophisticated people and look respectful to others, and this is something that young men usually don’t have.

Poor profile details- It is a common truth that sugar daddies are all rich, which makes them capable of supporting a sugar baby. As a wealthy man, he is expected to have assets like a luxurious big house and expensive cool cars, and these are items that fake sugar daddies cannot pretend. Also, try to ask details about a person before you go out to have a date, spammers usually cannot give all the appropriate trustful answers when they got asked about specific details about themselves.

Financial commitment- When you are ready to meet up with a generous man for financial support, usually they will not give you offers that look too good, Sugar daddies are wealthy but their wealth still comes from years of hard work, it's unlikely that they will give you too much when you two first meet. As for financial commitment, always make your companion show proof and papers that could help confirm the identity. You should keep in mind the sugar daddy could be fake if he promises you with unrealistic offers.

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