How Should Sugar Babies Handle Allowance

Sugar Baby Allowance

Sugar babies get an “allowance” for their services. It may feel unnatural to ask a person for financial help, especially if that help is coming from a possible sugar daddy. However, if you decide to become a sugar baby, you must be gracious in the allowances you do attain. There are five helpful tips to ensure you have what you want from your allowances.

Practice Makes Perfect

The hardest thing you’ll probably do is ask for money. However, if you’re going to be a sugar baby, this is something you need to get comfortable with as soon as possible. The process will take time and, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Keep asking for what you need and want and, before long, it won’t be hard to ask at all.

Art Of Negotiation Doesn’t Happen On First Dates

When you’re on your first date with a possible sugar daddy, you don’t want to talk “shop.” Don’t bring up the talk of money unless he brings it up. If a sugar daddy is interested in you, he may bring up the allowance topic on his own. If this happens, you know he’s interested in you. The idea behind a first date is to learn about one another. Are you compatible? If he asks to meet you again, he may call later about the allowance of that date.

How Is Your Allowance Given

When it comes to your allowance, the sugar daddy has a huge say in how you’ll get it. That doesn’t mean you can’t give some input. You could negotiate with them for a weekly or monthly stipend. You could also ask them to pay for your monthly bills, give you cash or do a pre-paid credit card. Again, your sugar daddy has more of a say in how your allowance is distributed, but you can make your preferences known.

Make Sure You Do Homework on Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies come from all kinds of backgrounds – professions and income brackets. Before you start the talk of the allowance, make sure you’ve done your homework on him. What kind of income could you expect to see him have for his profession? Does he own a company or is an employee? What kind of financial support does he offer to others – family, children, etc.? Does he owe a debt to financial institutions for cars, houses, etc.?

This will help you to find men who claim to have money but don’t.

Your Allowance Is For Services Your Render

The allowance you negotiate for is for services you render to the sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are not dumb when it comes to financial matters – how else do they become wealthy. They are smart when it comes to their money. A sugar daddy isn’t going to give you money just because he’s nice. He has to know he’s getting something valuable for the dollars. Since he knows it, you need to know that as well.

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