How Much Can Sugar Babies Actually Make?

How Much Sugar Baby Make

You may be surprised to know exactly how much sugar babies can make through their allowance. If you have ever thought of trying sugar dating before, you might be shocked to know the total amount of money that the average sugar baby is bringing in every month. Most sugar babies can easily cover their living expenses on the money they make from their companions, knowing how to negotiate and how to find an allowance that works well as a sugar baby is important.

Remember the averages- most sugar babies can earn around $3000 in a monthly allowance on top sugar dating websites with the right match. Some allowances, however, can range higher at $5000 a month.

Consider the match- Doing a bit of research and adding some negotiating power into your wage limit for a sugar baby is important. When you discover how much your sugar daddy earns, you can have a better chance at making a negotiation that will be fortuitous as a sugar baby. If your sugar daddy earns over $250,000 per year, for example, you could be able to ask for a reasonable range between $50-$60,000. A million-dollar match could have you asking for a reasonable rate of $100,000 or more each year.

Remain factual- negotiating is the biggest ally you have two improving your earnings. Always be willing to go the extra mile and remain factual with your sugar daddy. If they are interested in a greater commitment within your relationship such as living together, value yourself and give them a factual price for what it might cost to commit more or offer more to the relationship.

Know when to move on- if you are starting to feel as though the allowance is unreasonable for the relationship that you have created, or your sugar daddy is unwilling to reevaluate based off of a new income they are earning, it could be time to move on. Being a sugar baby needs to be a mutually beneficial experience and if you aren’t able to afford what you need or get an allowance that is fair compensation, you should not be afraid to walk away.

Keep some of these top thoughts in mind when negotiating your allowance as a sugar baby.

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