Why Do Senior Rich Men Take Up the Majority of Online Sugar Daddies?

senior sugar daddy

The sugar dating world comes with a couple of peculiarities. First, the women are mostly the younger and more attractive ladies interested in wealthy, generous men. Second, these wealthy, generous men are usually OLDER and ready to spend lavishly on these women. The young ladies are the sugar babies, while the older men are sugar daddies.

The Sugar Daddy Age Group

The sugar daddy age group has an interesting range. The general rule is that anyone between ages 45 and 60 can be called a sugar daddy. Although there are people older than this that are into sugar dating, the population is relatively small. This set of sugar daddies are called Seniors.

Requirements of a Physical Sugar Dating

The success of a typical sugar baby/dating relationship depends on a host of factors. Is the sugar daddy ready to spend his money on the sugar baby? Is the sugar baby available to enjoy these financial gains? In cases where both parties agree to integrate some intimacy, can the sugar daddy meet-up with the demands of the sugar baby? The answers to these questions are crucial.

While almost all sugar daddies are willing and ready to spoil their sugar babies with cash and gifts, only a few have what it takes to meet the physical demands of the relationship. The sugar babies are younger and more agile; handling them intimately requires a considerable amount of physical strength, and of course, ample time. Most senior sugar daddies cannot offer these.

Likewise, a normal sugar dating arrangement requires physical presence. Both the sugar daddy and sugar baby are expected to go for dates, hangout at fun places, and go on vacations together. An average senior sugar daddy does not have this time. Most times, they spend all their time on building businesses and adding to their fortunes.

Even with these shortcomings, these seniors are still very interested in sugar dating. But the question is, how would they go about it? This led to the concept of online sugar daddies.

Who are Online Sugar Daddies?

Online sugar daddies are wealthy older men, who, for one reason or another, do not have the time and physicality required in a real sugar dating. Therefore, they restrict all communications and engagements in sugar dating to online methods only. This may include video chats, voice note and picture exchange, and constant texts.

Considering that this form of sugar dating does not require physicality or time, it is ideal for seniors looking to be a sugar dater. These super-rich older men do not even have the time and strength to sustain physical sugar dating. So, being an online sugar daddy is the perfect alternative that meets their demands without any unfavorable sacrifices.

An older online sugar daddy is more interested in companionship. He craves the attention of a caring, intelligent young lady they can always talk to. And they are ready to spend heavily on a sugar baby that gives them just this. In some cases, a generous senior online sugar daddy may go as far as paying for every video call with his sugar baby.


Online sugar dating is less stressful and demanding. Hence, it is the perfect form of sugar dating for wealthy older men (seniors). When next you see a senior in an online sugar dating forum, do not be surprised!

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