Sugar Baby Creates Greater Sex Appeal by Using Body Language

Sugar Baby Sex Appeal

When you have something valuable to give to somebody, they, in turn, have to provide you something valuable in return. The world’s most valuable assets are youth, wealth and beauty. You know there are wealthy men, which is their value. Women often have beauty, which is what they have to offer. Of course, one’s idea of beauty can differ from another’s idea of beauty.

A woman’s sex appeal is what turns wealthy men on. How can you improve your sex appeal to garner a rich man’s attention?

Use Your Eye Language

Your eyes, like your body, speak a thousand words. You don’t have to say a thing because your eyes and body say a lot about you and what you want. Don’t think so? Just look at Marilyn Monroe – she’s mastered the art of eye language. In most of her pictures, her neck is relaxed, her eyebrows are raised, and she has lowered her eyelids. This is what’s considered bedroom eyes.

It’s no real big wonder why most men can’t resist the beauty. When using the technique, consider thinking of something sexy. This will enhance the effect. Your pupils will get bigger because you thought of something naughty in front of him. Big pupils often get their attention.

Control Your Lip Language

Like eye language, your lips don’t have to move to speak volumes. How you present your lips will determine what you say. Don’t use dark lipstick, as it’s more for pictures than it is for talking with people. Wealthy men tend to be intimidated by dark colors. Use lip gloss or light lipstick, which makes you come across as approachable. When drinking wine with a wealthy man, don’t wipe your lips. Just lick the drink off.

Big turn-on for men.

Go For The Light Touch

When you want to be alluring for a man, you want them to think you’re sexy right away. Remember, first impressions count. When you first shake hands, touch his pulse. What does this do? It makes him feel your body’s temperature, creating a spark right off the bat. When talking to each other, consider saying something like, “I hurt my finger this morning.” While doing this, show him that finger. If he thinks you’re sexy, he’ll immediately take your finger into his hands. This is his way of showing you his interest.

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