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The world of sugar dating is not entirely new. Despite being markedly different from the conventional dating arrangement, sugar dating relationships also come with a lot of benefits. The biggest players here are younger women, including recent grads, models, and college girls looking for wealthy and generous men that can meet their financial demands.

Most sugar dating websites and forums encourage sugar babies to meet up with sugar daddies, after meeting and getting along on their website. That is the norm – to an extent. However, over time, both parties have attempted a deviation from this norm. The deviation is what we call the online sugar baby no meeting arrangement. 

What is an online sugar baby no meeting arrangement?

The sugar daddy online-only relationship is also a form of sugar dating. But it is different from the usual arrangement where there are physical meetings between both parties. This new type of sugar dating arrangement thrives on the innovative nature of the internet.

The internet-powered sugar daddy online-only websites allow both the sugar daddy and sugar baby to interact online via a webcam. This replaces or removes the need for physical meetings; the partners are restricted to communicating online.

Who are the players in the online sugar baby no meeting arrangement?

As obtainable in a normal sugar dating relationship, there are two players: the online sugar baby and the online sugar daddy.

The online sugar baby is usually a young, beautiful woman interested in a sugar dating arrangement without any form of offline activities. She is willing to be a sugar baby, but will only offer her services to her sugar daddy ONLINE.

The reasons behind such a decision differ. For some, they are wary of sugar dating involving physical meetings because they are newbies to the sugaring world. Others are not just ready for sugar dating that involve intimacy, so they limit themselves to platonic sugaring.

The other player is the online sugar daddy. When it comes to sugar daddy online no meeting, there are three types:

  • The Newbie Sugar Daddy– As the name suggests, he is trying sugar dating for the first time. He does not know how the arrangements work and cannot shape things their way. Most of them believe they are unfit for a real sugar baby. Hence, they prepare themselves with an online sugar baby no meeting.
  • The Older Sugar Daddy– Due to their age, this set of online sugar daddies does not have the strength required for a physical sugar dating. They are more interested in companionship – just a caring, intelligent young lady that they can talk with. They pay for video calls with a sugar baby that catches their fancy.
  • Married Sugar Daddy– Though married, these middle-aged men are still interested in fresh and adventurous dating experiences. They want to maintain their family and have an affair outside marriage. The online sugar dating no meeting option allows them to do this. They do not get to meet with the young lady, so the probability of blowing their cover is very low.

Benefits of Online Sugar Baby No Meeting Arrangement

If you are wondering if the same benefits await both online sugar babies and offline sugar babies, the answer is yes. You can get the best out of online sugar dating arrangements if you are the right fit and know your way around it.

The truth is that there are only a few online sugar daddies no meeting. This is because the whole arrangement takes away most of the perks these wealthy older men enjoy. They are expected to enjoy a full girlfriend experience through the screen.

Even at that, there are perks for both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby in a no-meeting sugar dating arrangement. These include;

  • Maximum Safety – All meetings are online. So, both parties are never at the risk of getting harmed or abused.
  • 100% Platonic – Since there are no strings attached or emotional investments involved, you can worry less about getting touched improperly, sexually harassed, or encountering STDs.
  • More Options – You can have more than one sugar daddy or sugar baby at the same time under this arrangement. The flexibility is there. 

Downsides of Online Sugar Baby No Meeting Arrangement

Like you will expect, it is not all positives with the online sugar daddy no meeting arrangement. Here are some of the downsides;

  • Lower Income – Yes, there are real sugar daddies that pay for conversation. However, you will not earn much as a physically-available sugar baby in a no-meeting sugar dating. Your online presence will not win you the same cash and gifts as when you are physically present.
  • Weak Bonding – You cannot rely on a no-meeting arrangement to create a strong relationship or connection with your sugar partner, either in terms of mentorship, friendship, or partnership.
  • Instability – Chances of experiencing instability is higher in no-meeting arrangements.


Your decision to be either an online sugar baby or an offline sugar daddy ultimately depends on your priorities and preferences. This article has helped you to understand how each works. Now, decide on the path to follow, and start your journey into the world of sugar dating.

Good luck!

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