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2 Cyber Sugar Babies Reveal How They Make Money from Sugar Daddies Texting Only

Two sugar babies reveal how they make money from sugar daddies just by texting! Including 5 sugar daddy text only apps that pay you to respond.

Robin | Updated:

Text Only Sugar Baby

A long-distance relationship is the last thing a couple wants. Just the thought of not being able to hold hands, kiss, or cuddle can make one's heart aching, not to mention the quarrels and insecurities. But what if you’re dating a sugar daddy who only wants to text? That means no meet-ups, no giving sugars, but getting paid to text him. If you could land a real one, baby, you got a unicorn. 

In reality, the pen-pal kind of sugar relationship is so rare that the majority of people will tell you it is non-existent. However, the two cyber sugar babies introduced in this blog tell a different story. Their experiences prove that nothing is impossible unless you can’t do it. 

Read their stories about how to find online sugar daddies no meeting and learn the finesse tips to get your sugar daddy texting only


How Did Callikoa Get Paid to Answer Messages Sugar Daddies $300 a Day?

Callikoa is a California-based 22-year-old cyber sugar baby. After sharing a series of tips and her experiences on how to land sugar daddies without ever meeting them, Callikoa racked up 1 million TikTok followers in no time. In her 7-part TikTok video “Sugar Daddy Series 101”, she talks about how she got sugar daddies texting only, how she made the amount of money she did every single day, and where to find sugar daddies who only want to text.

How Did Callikoa Get Money from Sugar Daddies Texting Only?

Like all the other successful stories, Callikoa starts with planning. "I usually set myself a goal of about $300 a day from them," Callikoa said in one of her viral sugar daddy videos. In order to achieve it, she figures out three approaches.

1. One way is to use a sugar baby website that pays her to text men.

Cyber Sugar Baby Reveals How She Made $300 A Day By Texting Sugar Daddies Only

2. Another way is to be bold and straightforward whenever she sees a potential sugar daddy online.

As she taught her TikTok followers, “No matter what they say, tell them, ‘OK, I'm looking for a sugar daddy’." Most men would be surprised upon hearing that. Still, Callikoa revealed that some men would agree. They would tell her “Let me take you out, let’s have lunch”. However, instead of saying yes immediately, it is at this point that Callikoa told the secret of getting money from a sugar daddy texting only.

“Obviously, we will not meet them, do not ever meet them, but we want them to think that we are gonna meet them.” She pointed out.

3. The last online only sugar baby trick from her is to have a line saved in your notes app and send it to every sugar daddy.

Hers reads: “Well, my old sugar daddy used to pay me about $100 a week just to talk and text and stuff, and when we were more comfortable we actually met, and then he paid me more money.”

The Difficulties Callikoa Faces in a Sugar Daddy Text Only Relationship 

It seems that Callikoa knows the ins and outs of sugar daddy texting only, however, all this doesn’t come easily. It takes a lot of work as she admitted that you had to send that text to many people and they would call you an idiot, a scammer, and some would block you. Despite everything, she is still optimistic, adding that “for every 100 that say no, you will get two that say yes.” But she also complained that those sugar daddies who only want to text are very lonely and needy. So she told her TikTok followers, “Keep in mind you're going to have to constantly text them all day. It's really annoying, but it's worth it.”

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How Did Bailey Hunter Get Paid $2200 to Text Sugar Daddy?

How Bailey Hunter Got Paid To Text Her Sugar Daddy No Sugaring

Unlike Callikoa who sees texting sugar daddies as an online sugar baby job, Bailey Hunter, a 24-year-old YouTuber and OnlyFans content creator, describes her cyber sugar relationship more like a “companionship or friendship”. 

How Did Bailey Find Her Platonic Sugar Daddy Texting Only?

Interestingly, she met her online sugar daddy offline when she was working at Buffalo Wild Wing at the age of 21. “I can’t remember if he gave me his business card that time or next time,” she shares the story on her YouTube channel. “I feel like it was the next time…We got to chatting. He was saying how he was going to buy this bar. He really saw a higher potential for me…or even to manage his restaurant.” she adds. 

As a young waitress, the encounter made Bailey very excited. She texted the rich man as soon as he left the restaurant. From there, they started texting each other very casually. 

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How Did Bailey Get Money from Her Sugar Daddy without Giving Sugar?

One thing Bailey mentioned is that she is not the kind of person who only replies “nothing” when someone asks “How are you doing?” Instead, she will write paragraphs to tell her crazy life. Perhaps, it is because of this, she never felt it like a burden to text her sugar daddy but enjoyed the conversation. This is also why she makes her sugar daddy send money so naturally. 

“When my sugar daddy would ask me ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ You know, I would be like, ‘oh, well, the dishwasher broke or my hot tub broke, and I got a work extra…” She explained how to ask a sugar daddy for money spontaneously.

“You know, I was just talking. That wasn’t me searching for money.” She commented.

As a result, her cyber sugar daddy sent her $500 the first time to her PayPal, a $1000 the second time, a $1000 after that, and one time, he even sent her $2200.  

Bailey Hunter Texts Her Sugar Daddy To Get $2200

Has Bailey Sent Any Nude Pics to Her Texting Only Sugar Daddy As a Trade?

So far, some of you must be amazed at the huge amount of money Bailey got from her sugar daddy texting only. Has she ever sent any nude pictures to her sugar daddy as a trade? Bailey’s answer is no, not because she is against it but because her sugar daddy never asked. After all, she said that she has an OnlyFans channel posting 18-plus content. 

At last, Bailey’s online sugar relationship was maintained for three years. In between, her sugar daddy was not like he had never asked for a meet-up. But Bailey put it off saying that she has social anxiety, she likes to be alone and she doesn’t feel safe. It was three years later that Bailey finally agreed to meet her sugar daddy when he hit her heart that he wanted a date with her more than anything. 

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3 Tips to Help You Get Paid to Answer Text Messages Sugar Daddy

Callikoa and Bailey’s experiences prove that it is tough to have a platonic sugar daddy, but not out of the question. With the right methods, you can also be a sugar baby without giving sugar. And we have summed up 3 tips for you. 

Be Persistent and Mentally Prepared

Having a platonic sugar daddy is difficult but possible. Out of 100 sugar daddies, there must be one or two that don’t mind finding a sugar baby companionship online. You need to keep seeking and learn to deal with rejection. Therefore, to be mentally prepared is very important. If someone says no, blocks you, or calls you something bad, you shouldn’t take it personally. They are not the right person and you can move on. 

Be Genuine and Smart

Callikoa and Bailey are both smart sugar babies, who know how to ask sugar daddies for money in a natural way. They are not upfront or aggressive. Rather, they keep the conversation going to create a bond first. Then they “talk” their financial needs spontaneously, such as something to be fixed or the desired things they want to achieve. It won’t work if you treat your sugar daddies like an ATM. Most importantly, you have to like chatting online, otherwise, it will be a huge burden for you. 

Use Sugar Daddy Sites That Allow You to Change Locations

Apart from being persistent and smart, sugar daddy sites that allow you to passport to any location are also indispensable. Think about Covid situation. There are many cities going through lockdown right now. So your job is to check the news online and focus on those rich cities that are in the quarantine. The next thing you should do is to use the best sugar daddy website sugarbabiesonline to relocate yourself in the targeted lockdown city and text your sugar daddies. 

5 Sugar Daddy Text Only Apps That Pay You to Respond

Sugar daddy websites that send money without meeting are perfect for sugar babies who want to text only. We’ve selected 5 of them. You can pick the one that suits you most. 

#1 sugarbabiesonline

sugarbabiesonline is a free sugar daddy text only app. It is mainly used for meeting sugar daddies or sugar babies nearby. However, the site also allows you to change your locations to anywhere you want, which is useful to meet a sugar daddy that just wants to text. First, you can do research to find the city with the most sugar daddies. Then, you set the location filter to browse the sugar daddy profiles in that area. At last, you can send messages to sugar daddies without meeting. 

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#2 Ashley Madison 

Sugar Daddy Website That Sends Money Without Meeting

Ashley Madison is a sugar daddy text only app to meet married sugar daddies. According to the research done by Ashley Madison itself, 92% of its members won’t choose to divorce while looking for some fun on this extramarital website. So your chance to get a sugar daddy who wants to text only is big. And Ashley Madison is completely free to female users! 

#3 MyGirlFund

Sugar Daddy Site That Sends Money Without Meeting

MyGirlFund is a sugar daddy text only app for sugar babies to get paid by texting sugar daddies. It takes some courage to give it a try on MyGirlFund because the competition is intense. Those girls on MyGirlFund don’t mind wearing sexy bikinis or sexting with sugar daddies. You have to think about it before you decide to register on this sugar daddy website that pays you to respond. 

#4 Phrendly 

Sugar Daddy Website That Pays You To Respond

Phrendly is similar to MyGirlFund. It is a sugar daddy text only app that sends money to sugar babies. But a sugar baby can not be shy if she wants to get paid to text sugar daddies. Users can not only text each other but also start a video chat. It can save you a lot of time typing on your phone all day. 

#5 Seeking 

Sugar Daddy Text Only App

As long as you want to become a sugar baby, you can’t miss Seeking. Although Seeking is less likely to get paid to text sugar daddies only, it is the biggest sugar daddy website. What if you meet a sugar daddy who is so attractive that you don’t mind meeting him personally?


From Callikoa and Bailey’s stories about online sugar daddy relationships, as you can see, it is possible to have sugar daddies who only want to text. A sugar daddy relationship is a relationship in the end, so there can be a real connection spiritually like conventional relationships. But you have to be patient since this relationship is too rare to have one.

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Robin is a Content Marketer at sugarbabiesonline based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.

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