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How to Find a Sugar Daddy in 2023? - 7 Tips from Real Sugar Babies

How to find a sugar daddy in 2023? Check the 7 tips from real sugar babies. After learning their methods, you will find a real sugar daddy online or offline easily.

Robin | Updated:

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

The first time I heard about sugar daddy was in my sophomore year. A double-my-aged man texted me if I wanted to be his sugar baby and him to be my sugar daddy. 

As a college girl who was new to online dating, I had no idea what a sugar daddy or sugar baby is. So I replied, “What is a sugar daddy? What does a sugar baby do?” He texted me immediately that I just needed to be with him and he would feed me, mentor me, shelter me, and give me money.

He seemed to be a nice guy but I said no because it sounded too good to be true and that was not the ideal relationship I was after.

It was two years later when I graduated from the uni, jobless, homeless, and indebted with student loans, I recalled this sugar daddy thing again.

So I googled “How to find a sugar daddy?”

Over the years, I have dated several sugar daddies, most of whom are successful businessmen tied up with hectic schedules. We date a few times a month and sometimes, I become intimate with them. In return, they cover some of my expenses plus a monthly allowance or gifts.

Of course, I also met creepy ones, scammers, or Splenda daddies. How to find a sugar daddy is easy but how to find a real sugar daddy is the challenge. That’s why I decided to share my experience with you.


1. How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Sugar Daddy Websites?

The easy way to find a sugar daddy is to sign up at a sugar daddy website. At your fingertips, you’ll match with tons of potential sugar daddies online but only  if you have a curated profile with appealing pictures and a unique sugar baby “about me”. 

Find a Legit Sugar Daddy Website

Out of so many sugar daddy websites, where to start your sugar baby lifestyle? You can register at Seeking, the biggest one, but there are a lot of scammers to watch out for. A safer and more niche site, sugarbabiesonline, is a better alternative for newcomers.

Easily Find Sugar Daddy & Sugar Momma
  • Rich,Generous sugar daddies, sugar mommas
  • Authentic, active sugar daddy & momma profiles
  • Lead a brandnew lifestyle-luxuries, gifts,hotels and more

Taking safety as the most important factor, sugarbabiesonline only receives sugar daddies and babies from the top 20 richest countries. Plus, the real-person verification and background check can sort out as many scammers and fake sugar daddies as possible. Besides, the tinder-style match lets you talk to sugar daddies you like, preventing you from any harassment. You can start it now and no more worries about not living the life you don’t deserve.

Create an Appealing Sugar Baby Profile 

After you've picked your ideal sugar daddy website, what follows is to create your appealing sugar baby profile. When some sugar babies are choosing profile pics, the common mistakes are messy bathroom selfies, over-filtered pictures, or faceless pictures. Instead, you should have a clear smiling headshot as your main photo, a full body photo that shows us your perfect curves, and a variety of photos that display your interests and tastes. From there, you’re already halfway through a perfect sugar baby profile.

The next thing is to write an interesting “About me”.  The No.1 rule is no negativity. At first sight, your sugar daddies don’t want to know about how much you hate something or how you’re going to block somebody. You should just talk about yourself. What kind of relationship are you seeking? What kind of man are you attracted to? What can bring you closer to a middle aged man? 

2. How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Bumble/Tinder/OK Cupid? 

Compared with sugar daddy websites, general dating apps have less number of sugar daddies, however, your chance to meet a real sugar daddy becomes bigger. That is because most of them don’t have the intention to be a sugar daddy in the first place. But once they fall to your prey, they’ll be willing to gift you and help you financially, too.    

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Bumble/Tinder/OK Cupid? 

To find them is not to search for those who name themselves “sugar daddy”. Only scammers will use that kind of stupid name to shout out loud. Real sugar daddies always stay low-key, discreetly showing their wealthy lifestyle in pictures or conversations. Remember this, whether you are finding a sugar daddy on Bumble or sugar daddy websites.

Hot pictures in your profile are a must for sure. Then you can find those potential and real sugar daddies by setting the age filter over 35 or 40. If there is an option for salary, go for it, too. You’re also advised to use dating apps around a luxury residential area, then it will be more possible for you to match with a real sugar daddy.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Bumble

3. How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram?

Instagram is not only a place for you to peek at other sugar babies’ lifestyles, copy the beauty gurus, fashion influencers but also a perfect channel to find your sugar daddy online.

Once again, anybody who names himself “sugar daddy” online is the sign of  a scammer sugar daddy. So girls, keep your head clear. How to find a sugar daddy on Instagram is not as simple as typing the “real sugar daddy” into the search bar.  You need skills.

Upload HD pictures

First and foremost, you have to post high-quality pictures. High-quality pictures mean HD pictures, no blurry, jagged, or rough pictures. Cartoon ones should not appear on your Instagram page, either, because sugar daddies expect to see the sexiest part of you.

While creating your posts, you’re suggested to use a ring light, put your makeup on, take your best selfies, and showcase your appealing curves. However, don’t go too provocative. You want them to think you’re desirable but you need them to respect you, too.

Write Witty Bios & Captions

Speaking of your bio and captions, you should avoid mentioning your ex, bad days, or temper tantrums. Only the witty, charming, and confident self is worth presenting.

Learn to Use Hashtags 

Hashtags and tags are also important. They help you look for a sugar daddy instead of just waiting for them to come. “#designerlifestyle, #spoil, #realestate, etc”, those are all the good hashtags to help you find a sugar daddy on Instagram and they are much more legit than the incredulous “#sugardaddy”.

Search Luxury Spots in Your Area 

Sometimes, you can even try to search your local luxury spots on Instagram, Beverly Hills, for example. Then you’ll find out who has been there and who has tagged and been tagged. At last, all you need is to follow and DM them to see if they could be your sugar daddy.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Instagram

Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Sugar Daddies Online 

You must be vigilant while looking for a sugar daddy online. The story of The Tinder Swindler is a cautionary tale for any sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy. To avoid sugar daddy scams, you’d better video chat with your sugar daddies before the meeting, pick expensive restaurants to see if they really have the money, or only meet them in fancy places in public. 

It’s heartbreaking to see anyone defrauded by romance scammers. Therefore, you should block those who ask for your bank information right off the bat, much less borrow money and send it to someone you just talk and date for several weeks.  

4. Show Up in the Luxurious Places Where Sugar Daddies Do 

Sugar daddy apps and websites are convenient to meet a sugar daddy. But what if they don’t work out for you? You’re probably more comfortable going out in the wild to find a sugar daddy.

Either by asking your friends or googling, you’ll figure out where the rich live, which high-end hotel bars they prefer to go to, and which upscale steak houses they like to dine in your city.

What you have to do next is to dress yourself up with scrupulous care. Don’t be too trashy to be a sexy lady or too coquettish to distinguish yourself from a prostitute. You should look classy yet show that you have nice curves. After that, you can hang out in those luxury places with your friends. Maybe some sugar daddies will notice you and ask for your number.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy In Real Life

5. An Even Better Way Is to Work with Sugar Daddies

If you want a higher chance, you’re strongly suggested to work in those expensive stores, beyond hanging out there. In this way, you built a connection with real sugar daddies spontaneously and naturally. Do you know how Cristiano Ronaldo met his wife? It was in a Gucci store where his wife used to work as a shop assistant!

When you work with sugar daddies or serve them, you’ll know how they think and what they like. You also learn to talk their talk. Which sugar daddy could resist such a beautiful, smart, and knowledgeable sugar baby like you?

So, you can go and look for a job in luxurious fashion stores, serve in country clubs, or volunteer in charity events. This is how you rub elbows with the rich and the successful. This is also how you distinguish yourself from a gold digger or a prostitute.  

6. Pick Up a Hobby That Successful and Rich People Like

The world consists of various people from all walks of life and all kinds of cultures. The difference between us, economically or culturally, separates one another in different circles or hierarchies. However, we still find ways to stay united thanks to music, movies, sports, etc. So, too, how to find a sugar daddy and overcome the difference goes the same way. One of the solutions is to pick up a hobby that successful and rich people like.

If you like sports, you should sign up for courses to learn golf, horse racing, tennis, etc. If you don’t like exercising a lot, there are still plenty of options, for example, arts, philosophies, classic music, etc. Your passion for a hobby will lead you to meet like-minded people and when the hobby is favored by the wealthy, how to find a sugar daddy becomes a walk in the park.

How To Find a Sugar Daddy With Golf

7. Make Friends with Someone Who’s Close to Sugar Daddies 

Sugar daddies are rare so you need to enlarge your social circles. Always be nice to the people around you because some of them might know a sugar daddy very well. Especially when your friend is the one who rubs elbows with the rich, such as, a personal assistant, a personal trainer, a chauffeur, or even a security guard, it will be easier to meet a sugar daddy through their connection.


How to find a sugar daddy is never an easy task. It takes patience and persistence. But thanks to the sugar daddy websites and apps like sugarbabiesonline, your opportunity to find a sugar daddy is bigger regardless of geographic boundaries, languages, and even sexuality. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, hopefully, the  tips in this blog are also helpful to you. Above all, as a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, you must be crystal clear with what you want and always stay safe.

About the Author

Robin is a Content Marketer at sugarbabiesonline based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.

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