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Modern Love: 5 Arranged Marriage Dating Sites to Try in 2023

Looking for a modern way to find your perfect match through an arranged marriage? Check out the top dating sites for arranged marriages in 2023!

Kathy | Updated:

Arranged marriage dating sites may seem like a contradiction in terms. One wonders, how can a century-old tradition coexist with the modern digital world of online dating? Yet in recent years, with the rise of online dating and matchmaking, arranged marriages too have eventually found their place in the digital world: thanks to arranged marriage dating sites. In this article, you will find information on the benefits associated with using an arranged marriage dating site, as well as our picks for the best dating site for arranged marriages. We will also go further to highlight some of the risks associated with using arranged marriage dating sites.

5 Arranged Marriage Dating Sites to Try

Ultimately, whether you are seeking to uphold a tradition through an arranged marriage, or simply exploring a different approach to finding love, an arranged marriage dating site may turn out to be the answer you have been yearning for.


4 Benefits of Arranged Marriage Dating Sites

As alluded to earlier, there has been a remarkable rise in the usage and popularity of arranged marriage dating sites in recent years. This is mainly due to the benefits that arranged dating site for arranged marriages. In comparison to the traditional way in which matchmaking for arranged marriages was done, these sites offer a number of noteworthy benefits, including:

Broader Range of Potential Partners to Choose From 

Typically, an arranged marriage dating site will have thousands of registered members. These are people whose profiles you can access once you join the site. Having such a huge pool of potential partners to choose from ultimately increases the probability of finding a near-perfect soul mate.

Advanced Algorithms to Match Individuals 

Any decent arranged marriage dating site is powered by advanced algorithms. These algorithms can help you find a potential partner who is most likely to be properly compatible with you. It works much better than the traditional approach to matchmaking for arranged marriages, which more or less fully depends on the matchmaker’s intuition. 

Detailed Profiles of Background, Education, and Preferences 

For each potential partner on an arranged marriage dating site, you will usually find a very highly detailed profile. This cuts across all dating sites arranged marriages seekers use. And it is critical, because it further gives you a chance to assess compatibility, before proceeding any further.

Convenience of Searching and Communicating from Anywhere, at Anytime 

The dating sites arranged marriage seekers use can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and at any time. This translates into greater convenience. It is a big deal, especially considering the logistical challenges that would often arise in the context of the traditional approach to matchmaking for arranged marriages.

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Top 5 Arranged Marriage Dating Sites to Try In 2023

So far, we have seen the specific benefits that one stands to get from the use of arranged marriage dating sites. This may then lead to an interest in knowing which arranged marriage dating sites are considered to be the best. Here are the 5 top ones:

Bharat Matrimony: Popular Arranged Marriage Dating Site Focusing On Matrimony Services

Bharat Matrimony: Popular Arranged Marriage Dating Site Focusing On Matrimony Services

Founded in the year 2000, Bharat Matrimony primarily puts people who are seeking to get married (via traditional arranged marriages) in touch with each other. In other words, this particular dating site for arranged marriages takes up the role of the traditional marriage broker. As of the year 2023, Bharat Matrimony has around 5 million active profiles, indicating a vibrant user base.

Among its unique features are Assisted Matrimony (very ideal for busy professionals) and SoulMate Search. Other remarkable features are Express Interest and Matchboard (which help in facilitating the right matches quickly). On Bharat Matrimony, users have a choice between a free and paid membership. For the paid membership, fees for the Gold package start at US$109 for 3 months.

sugarbabiesonline: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Sugar Experience

SugarDaddySeek: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Sugar Experience

sugarbabiesonline is a highly sophisticated dating site for arranged marriages. It specifically matches sugar babies to sugar daddies. On sugarbabiesonline, there are more than 100,000 elite users to potentially meet with.

One of sugarbabiesonline’s most unique features is its strict verification. This means that the people one encounters on this site are actually who they claim to be – setting it apart from most other dating sites. Further, on this site, there is a ‘Hide My Profile’ feature as well as private photos. Another remarkable feature is “Spotlight Reaches” – which increases exposure greatly.

On another note, sugarbabiesonline offers enhanced user convenience, as it is also usable on mobile devices through apps. You can download the sugarbabiesonline app from Google Play (for Android devices) or from the App Store (for Apple devices).

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sugarbabiesonline offers members a choice between free and paid memberships. It is an effective arranged marriage dating site, and we specifically recommend it.

Helahel: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Traditional Single Muslims

Helahel: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Traditional Single Muslims

For many years, single Muslims yearned for a dating site through which they could find partners of the same faith with whom to enter into traditional arranged marriages. Helahel was set up in the early 2010s, to serve that particular need.

Presently, there are over 59,000 ‘grooms’ and over 21,000 ‘brides’ – indicative of a solid user base. Remarkable features of Helahel include strict adherence to traditional Islamic principles and easy sign-up. This is also a rather unique dating site for arranged marriages in that it is 100% free to use. Through the site, one is able to access Sunni or Shia Muslim profiles (or both).

As mentioned earlier, Helahel usage is 100% free of charge.

Millionaire Match: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Wealthy Elites

Millionaire Match: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Wealthy Elites

Millionaire Match was founded in the year 2001. It serves the matchmaker role between wealthy, successful individuals.

Millionaire Match currently has more than 4 million users. One of Millionaire Match’s most unique features is one where users are allowed to specify the type of millionaire they wish to be matched up with. Also remarkable about Millionaire Match is its focus on facilitating long-term relationships and marriages, rather than brief affairs. This is also an sugar daddy dating site where members have access to live counselors, and the members’ verification process is somewhat thorough.

On Millionaire Match, there is a choice between free and paid membership. For the paid membership, fees start at $70 for the premium package for 1 month.

DivorcedFreeAndSingle: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Divorced People

DivorcedFreeAndSingle: Best Arranged Marriage Dating Site for Divorced People

It often happens that people who had previously been in long-term relationships want to give dating another try. There is a site that targets such people specifically, namely DivorcedFreeAndSingle.

Unique features in DivorcedFreeAndSingle include a reasonably thorough profile verification process and the general maturity of the community. There is also the convenience factor, this being an arranged marriage dating site that is also available through mobile apps and rather vibrant customer support.

Creating an account on this divorce dating site costs nothing: it is free.

Risks Involved with Using an Arranged Marriage Dating Site

Earlier, we looked at the benefits associated with using arranged marriage dating sites. But it is worth noting that there are also some risks that exist side by side with those benefits. Thus while making the decision to start using an arranged marriage dating site, you need to beware of these risks:

  • Potential for Exploitation or Scams by Fraudulent Users

This is a pervasive problem in the entire online dating scene. There will almost always be individuals who create fake profiles, with the intention of using them to scam other members. There are also instances where a person gets into what seems to be a genuine relationship. Then, with time, the relationship becomes exploitative.

  • Difficulty Assessing True Compatibility Without Physical Interaction

There are some aspects of a person’s character that you can only gain insight into by interacting with that person physically. But with arranged marriage dating sites, such physical interaction may end up being limited, at least in the earlier stages of the relationships.

  • Possibility of Social Stigma or Disapproval from External Groups

There are individuals who still believe that online dating is only for folks who are unable to attract/meet partners in the ‘conventional’ way. There are also those who may prefer the traditional approach to an arranged marriage and thus show disapproval of relationships arising from an arranged marriage dating site.

The Conclusion

As we have seen, arranged marriage dating sites serve an important ‘matchmaker’ role in the modern world. However, as we have also learned, using an arranged marriage dating site may come with some risks. The most worrisome of those risks is arguably that of potentially getting scammed. Thankfully, there are some dating sites arranged marriages that put in place stringent measures to prevent that from happening. An example is sugarbabiesonline, which has a very thorough, foolproof verification process. As such, sugarbabiesonline is a dating site we would unreservedly recommend for those who are seeking to enter into relationships without running the risk of being scammed. Besides being quite safe, sugarbabiesonline also offers access to a pool of successful partners – with whom truly meaningful and fruitful relationships can be formed.




About the Author

Kathy is one of the top writers among sugar writing field. In order to collect practical information, she has interviewed many sugar babies and sugar daddies in the past 3 years.

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