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Millionaire Match Review (2023): Worth it or a Waste of Time?

Is Millionaire Mach worth the time and money? Check this Millionaire Match review before stepping in to the rich dating world.

Alex | Updated:

Millionaire Match was launched for the wealthy, successful and elite class of society looking to mingle and find partners within their own sphere of ideals, morals, values as well as way of life. From well-established corporation owners to wealthy doctors, lawyers as well as a handful of Hollywood celebrities the Millionaire Match dating site is definitely known to be the new talk in town forming the shape of a pool of new variety with filters and rather disclosed access to your choice of a life partner! 

Millionaire Match

But does it actually work great? This Millionaire Match review takes you through what it is all about MM. Then, read on.


As we begin the review of this latest rather clean cut well-developed pool in the form of a millionaire dating site we will focus on whether the hype surrounding this platform is really even worth it, as the bee buzzes on and news travel over social media fast as lightening it’s better to know everything you can about such platform or applications before you dive headfirst into them!

What Is Millionaire Match?

Millionaire Match is an online dating platform that came into being at the beginning of 2001 and it started to gain popularity in the past decade. With other dating sites starting to have growing privacy as well as security issues the idea of an already made millionaire dating site in the sphere seemed to be a safe option for the wealthy who were not looking to waste time in scams but rather wanted to mingle with people from their own status circles. 

Over the years the website has known to have accumulated over 5.2 million profiles of people interacting with each other and using it on a daily bases. Becoming a member or a user of the website is actually much easier than one thinks. The website/dating application initially allows the member to create a free website starting off with basic information regarding one's gender, age, location as well as preference. Once that is out of the way the member can then further go into detail displaying their social, moral, and political beliefs as well as much more about them that will help them get connected to a partner they will actually have something in common with. 

The Pros and Cons of Millionaire Match

In order to take this Millionaire Match review a little bit more in-depth let’s start off with some of the pros as well as cons of the well-known dating pool. 

Pros of Millionaire Match:

The following are some of the reasons that will help you have ease of mind when considering making use of the Millionaire Match dating site:

  1. You do not need to pay to make an account.
  2. Millionaire Match operates without any pop-up sort of ads 
  3. The Millionaire Match verification is very strong hence there is close to no room for scams or fake profiles 
  4. The response rate when it comes to messages and chats is much higher in millionaire match as compared to other dating sites
  5. Millionaire Match comes with a photo/face verifications feature 
  6. Millionaire Match comes with a seven-day a week 24/7 long actively working customer support service 

Cons of Millionaire Match:

The following are some of the rather well-known downfalls of the platform:

  1. The monthly subscription to unlock the best features of the platform is considered to be rather princely and expensive.
  2. For the users of the application, it is known to be streamlined and it holds fewer features as compared to the website. 

Membership Structure Review

Let’s take a look at the membership structure review of the dating platform to have a clear idea of how it operates and on what bases:

1. Female to Male Ratio:  50% Male users and 50% Female Users

Current data as well as statistics show that the website is being used by around 4,161,300 people. The rate of female and male users on the website is kept equal.

2. Variations in Countries: The application as well as the website is successfully operating in the following list of countries.

  • United States
  • Canada 
  • Australia 
  • United Kingdom

3. Age Distribution:

The age distribution on Millionaire Match works in a limit starting from 18: 

  • 18-24 (4%)
  • 25-34 (16%)
  • 35-44 (24%)
  • 45-55 (36%)
  • 55+ (20%)

Millionaire Match Costs

A millionaire match subscription has variations in its costs:

Gold Membership:

1 Month: $70 ($2.30 per Day)

3 Months: $170 ($45 per Month)

6 Months: $270 ($40 per Month)

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Millionaire Match Site/App Features

Now that the overall website costs are out of the way let’s take a look at some of the features that the platform offers its users as one signs up. 

1. Spark:

The first feature we will start off with is called “Spark” this feature is otherwise widely known as “Swipe” the similarity lies in the factor that you are presented with user profiles and you must swipe upon them. A left swipe indicates a dislike and a right swipe indicates a like. If you and another member both swipe right on each other a spark is made in the form of a match. However, one major difference in Millionaire Match as compared to other dating apps is that the app also allows you to undo a dislike if it was made by accident. 

2. Member Luxuries:

This is the feature that allows the rather rich and famous members operating on the application to post glorify and show off their highest luxuries, this is not just an aspect to show off but rather it’s a way to know more about the person and their interests without having to ask them too much. 

3. First Date Ideas:

This is a feature that is more for premium users. In this feature, the members post the ideas they have for future first dates, and premium members have the opportunity to chime into the conversation and give their own opinions regarding the dates and how they should be collective. 

4. Community-Based Dating Site:

One of the most unique and useful features of this millionaire matchmaker is the forum provided by the platform. This allows the users to ask questions and have queries of their own regarding those they interact with or any issues they have with the working of the platform. 

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How to Use Millionaire Match

As much as one wants to dive right in the smarter decision is always to put your foot forward and understand everything you can about the platform you want to become a part of. Let’s take a moment to look at the way Millionaire Match actually works.

1. Step One: Registration

The first to become a member is registration the Sign-Up process is as follows:

  • Start by adding your email and password or log in by Facebook

Create an Account on Millionaire Match

  • Choose your gender
  • Enter your First name, Username, Birthday, and Location (Country and Zip code)
  • Add around 26 images of yourself they can even be uploaded from Facebook. 
  • Photos can be assigned to your public album, a private album, and a Luxuries album
  • Private photos are only visible to members you've given access to
  • The Luxury album allows sharing your favorite luxury items like your cars, house, etc..
  • Next you must write a short intro for "About Me" and "About My Match" 

2. Step Two: Verification

The verification process requires the following:

  • Firstly Your image is verified 
  • Your original driver’s license/ID or even Passport is uploaded 
  • Proof of your income is uploaded to make sure you are a millionaire 
  • If you do not wish to upload an ID then you have to record and submit a video of yours. 

3. Step Three: Discover

In order to start off with finding your perfect match, you have to make use of the features provided to you on the website/application. 

  • You can swipe between people and match with them known as “Spark”
  • You can view the member’s luxuries and strike up a conversation regarding their interests.

Quick Search on Millionaire Match

  •  You can start up a conversation with those you are interested in if you have a premium account.
  • You can turn to the forums section for further questions. 

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Millionaire Match - FAQs

The following are some answers in detail to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Millionaire Match to help you make the best choice as you step right into this adventure! 

1. Is MillionaireMatch. Com legit? 

Yes, MillionaireMatch is known to be a real ad legit website that has been functioning since 2001 with over 5.2 million profiles interacting on a daily. 

2. Is MillionaireMatch free? 

Initially making an account on MillioniareMatch is free however in order to make use of some of the most important features on the website you must purchase a membership, you can direct message others, reply to date ideas and access full search levels with a premium membership.  

3. What is the best Millionaire dating site? 

There are a number of dating websites for millionaires in the pool; the following are some good and well-known ones. 

  • Established Men - Best for well-off men:

Established Men is otherwise known as a website for Sugardaddies and Sugar-babies. This is where women search for wealthy men to provide them with an expensive lifestyle and the men look for women for company. 

  • Elite Singles - Best for the well-educated and successful singles:

Elite singles is a rather refined website with around 4/5 reviews, this website is for promising citizens looking for long-lasting and healthy relationships and it defiantly lives up to its name with high-end search filters and high-speed match processing. 

    sugarbabiesonline  - Best for finding a millionaire benefactor:

sugarbabiesonline is one of the most well-known and largest websites for those who want to find a sugar daddy, sugar baby or sugar mommy. It has a huge community with search filters and allows you to find your match easily within your own boundaries. So, if you want to find a millionaire partner, sugarbabiesonline is also a good fit.

4. Is Millionaire Match only for millionaires?

The sign-up process on MillioniareMatch is actually free however your minimum pay rate must be around $200,000 a year in order to be verified on the platform. 

5. Is MillionaireMatch a good app?

Millionaire Match is definitely a good website for those who know what they are looking for and have their standards set, they wish to only mingle within their own pay grade and match with successful, wealthy people.  


Coming to the end of the Millionaire Match review, one can definitely say that MM is a website worth giving a try. It has not only been around for a long time but it also offers a variety of features that one can use to find the perfect match for them. The website not only helps you narrow your search wealth wise but it also allows you to look for your soul mate without the fear of being scammed or misled. You can discuss dates with the person you like and who knows you may even fall into interacting with a celebrity!

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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