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Table of Contents

  • Safety Tips for Online Dating
  • Safety Tips for Offline Dating
  • Safety Tips on Sexual Responsibility While Sugar Dating
  • Safety Tips on Protection from Criminals & Scammers
  • Safety Tips for Help, Suggestion or Support

Sugar Daddy & Baby Dating Safety Tips

sugarbabiesonline is a reliable and honest platform that provides opportunities for safe sugar daddy dating and helps develop relationships for mutual benefits. Because of developing relationships between people, sugarbabiesonline always takes the safety of customers to the utmost place.

Sugar dating with people, whether online or offline, is an exciting and enjoyable experience. However, you should take care of your personal safety. Therefore, sugar daddy safety tips are created here to tell people to have high-security awareness in the process of establishing sugar relationships.

sugarbabiesonline strongly advises you to read these safety tips carefully and follow them. Also, you can combine these safety tips with your own safety judgment. Hope you'll have the best sugar dating journey.

Stay Safe While Sugar Dating Online & Offline

Safety is the priority of sugar dating online and offline. Make your safety guaranteed to start sugar dating now.

Safety Tips for Online Dating

Do not leak your private information

This is one of the most important sugar baby tips for beginners. Your private information including your name, home or work address, daily routine, or phone number can not be leaked to people in the beginning. Just create and use a mock identity that is similar to your real identity in the beginning and tell the sugar daddy details until you believe he is trustworthy.

Check the background information before starting

Check the background information before starting to make sure the people won’t threaten your safety. First, Google your potential sugar daddy to make sure he didn’t participate in some risky and illegal business. Second, be alert of false profiles. Check his profile carefully including his pictures, self introduction, and every detail information online.

Protect your finances

Do not tell others your financial information including bank accounts and passwords while sugar daddy dating, sugarbabiesonline is not responsible for any money transfer and transactions due to the bank information you provide.

Set part of your pictures into privacy

You’d better set part of your pictures into privacy so that the potential sugar daddies can’t see all of your pictures in the beginning, you can set the pictures into public while you think he is trustworthy. Do not show the pictures that contain tattoos or marks in case that these will reveal your identity.

Get a new phone number or email for sugar dating

Get a new phone number or email for sugar dating only. It is a good way to separate your sugar date life from your real life.

Report if there are suspicious and disgusting behaviors

Don’t hesitate to report any suspicious and inappropriate or even violating words and behaviors. sugarbabiesonline will ban these accounts to make people stay safe while sugar dating.

Stay on the platform

Stay on sugarbabiesonline platform while you are getting to know sugar daddies. sugarbabiesonline has the Safe Message Filters to warn you if there are some inappropriate words or behaviors. Some bad guys often ask you to move the conversation to text, phone, or other apps right away.

Safety Tips for Offline Dating

Keep as many phone calls as possible before offline dating

Insist on many phone calls before sugar daddy dating so that you can know them better. Also, if you feel a little uncomfortable during phone calls, you can delete this choice and save your time.

Tell someone where, when and who you’ll meet

You should tell your friends or relatives where, when and who you’ll date, and this is one of the most important sugar baby tips for safety. You’d better tell your friends to text you while you are dating, and if you don’t text back within the time you go home, tell your friends to call the police.

Carry something like self-defense kits, red pepper spray

If you face a very emergency and it is too late to call the police, carrying a self-defense kit like red pepper spray is one way to protect yourself.

Dating in the public place for your first several dates

Meeting the potential sugar daddy in the public and populated places. Don’t meet at any other private places like your home, his home or hotels. If he asks you to date at a private place in the beginning, please end the date.

Check the identity before every sugar daddy dating

Do you think it sounds crazy to check the identity before every sugar daddy dating? Of course not, it is good for your safety. Some sugar daddies keep anonymous and he is not the one who claims to be.

Do not drink alcohol or leave your drinks alone

You should not drink alcohol that would affect your thinking. You can order your own drinks after arriving at the dating place. Don’t leave your drinks out of your sight in case some drugs slip into it.

Tell sugar daddies what you want and what you are not comfortable with

This is beneficial for processing your sugar relationships, and also sets safety protection boundaries. You can tell the potential sugar daddy what you want and what you don’t like so that he can know what things he shouldn't do.

Have Rational Sugar Sexual Relationships

Stay rational while sugar dating. Know some sexual responsibilities to have a safer sugar dating.

Safety Tips on Sexual Responsibility While Sugar Dating

Do not have sex for your first several dates

Don’t have sex with the sugar daddy in the first several dates. Knowing the person well is the first thing you should do before you have sex with this person.

Make sure he is clean or not

You should make sure he doesn’t have any diseases before having sex with him, this is important for your sugar dating health. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask. This goes the same if you have infections.

Protect yourself sexually

Condoms can largely reduce the passing and infecting STDs when used correctly. It is one basic sugar baby guide. Don’t expect the sugar daddy to prepare for this, you should prepare condoms for your own safety.

Sex health screening regularly

Do sex health screening regularly to ensure your physical health. You can go to some clinics which have free screening services.

Don't have sex if you are not ready

You should make clear that sugar daddy dating is not just for sex, it is more likely companionship. So, if you are not ready to have sex with your sugar daddy, you can say no. Just follow your heart.

Never feel pressured if you don’t want

If you don’t want to have sex with your sugar daddy, never feel pressured, just relax. If the sugar daddy pressures you to have sex with him, you have the right to refuse.

Don't lose yourself by the heat of the moment

The heat of the moment can be aroused by the physical attraction, but that is common for both of you who are looking for sugar daddy/baby. You should stay sober and know what you want most in the sugar relationships .

Protect Yourself While Sugar Dating

Knowing some strategies and protecting yourself from criminals and scammers. Make your sugar dating safe and enjoyable.

Safety Tips on Protection from Criminals & Scammers

Dig more details to identify the people before dating

Dig more details as much as possible to identify the potential sugar daddy's career, to identify whether he is an irritable man, whether he has a good personality or not. If you feel something odd during your talk, just ask for more details.

Red flags if the person is too enthusiastic to be true

If you feel the potential sugar daddy is so enthusiastic to agree with all the terms including the great sugar baby allowance you propose, you should be alert and think if you were in his position, what feedback you’ll have? Then, you can know whether he is a scammer or not.

Check the history of the people you are going to date

Ask for more details about the potential sugar daddy’s experience, just like asking to tell a story to you. You should identify whether the timeline of the story is reasonable. If there is inconsistency, you should be alert that he is a scammer.

Red flags if their profiles only display money

Be alert of the profiles that only display money. We have come across these types of profiles on other platforms, they always say ‘’ The first 200 sugar babies to text this phone number will be given 500 dollars each.’’ If you see this kind of profile, please delete this choice immediately.

Red flags if the person want to make the dating process so easy

Be alert if you feel the potential sugar daddy is anxious to date you offline, or they ask you how much money you want directly. No sugar daddies want to spoil the sugar babies without getting to know the person. This kind of scammers make the process easy so that they can achieve their bad goals quickly.

Be alert if the person asks your personal information

Don’t tell others personal information especially your PayPal/cash app/venmo accounts. Someone says they just want to know your full name or some other information, don’t trust them.

Be alert if someone says he is a lawyer/ government officials/law enforcement

Some scammers want to win your trust quickly so they claim they are lawyers, government officials or law enforcement. Don’t be confused by these superficial identities, stay sober.

Be alert if someone talks about money

Some scammers won’t talk about money with you directly, they like setting a background or telling something interesting first to confuse you, and then talking about money step by step. Whatever measures he takes, be alert if he talks about money.

Safety Tips for Help, Suggestion or Support

Report any suspicious behaviors or any inappropriate words

sugarbabiesonline is a totally safe platform aiming at helping people establish healthy, safe, mutually beneficial sugar relationships. If you find there are some suspicious and inappropriate behaviors or words, don’t hesitate to report these accounts, sugarbabiesonline will deal with these as soon as possible to promise a friendly and safe sugar dating platform.

What should you do if you are in a victim of sex or human trafficking?

If you are in a victim of sex or some negative experience, please know that it’s not your fault. You can contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline. If you are in any danger, call 911 (U.S. or Canada) immediately.

Official Organizations & Hotlines in United States
  • National Human Trafficking Hotline
    Phone Number: 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733
    Official Website:
    Time: 24/7 supports
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center
    Phone Number: 1-877-739-3895
    Official Website:
  • VictimConnect - Crime Victim Resource Center
    Phone Number: Call or Text 1-855-484-2846
    Official Website:
  • FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
    Official Website:

If you are not in the United States, please contact your territory or state organization to find local resources to help you.