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Sugar Daddy Sending Check Through Email: Is It Fraud or No?

Is your sugar daddy sending check through email? Is it a scam? Here are the answer and the way to find a real sugar daddy who sends money.

Rhea | Updated:

Where having a sugar daddy comes with a great opportunity to become financially stable and take care of your expenses with ease, it also opens up the gateways for scammers to creep in and rob you of your hard-earned money. Always remember that a real sugar daddy will never ask for you for an email to send you a check. In this article, we will discuss why sugar daddy sending check through email may be a big scam, show you the way to spot a sugar daddy scam, and the effective way to find a real sugar daddy who pays you with legit methods.

Sugar Daddy Sending Check Through Email Is It Fraud


Is Sugar Daddy Sending Check Through Email a Fraud?

Yes! A sugar daddy sending check through email is inevitably a scam. The scam unfolds with the sugar daddy trying to swindle a victim in need of money or looking for a lavish lifestyle. After the initial conversation on social media, fake sugar daddies move the conversations to other more private messaging platforms. Then they play their card by flirting and offering money straight away. Ultimately if the victim falls for the trick by accepting checks from sugar daddy, they end up paying much more. While checks are usually safe, they can be stolen, the account information can be misused, and they can also lead to more serious scams. Plus, the legitimacy of checks sent through email cannot be verified, and the checks can't be cashed out.

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Common Red Flags of Fake Sugar Daddies

The sugar daddy scam comes in an assortment of different attack vectors, but they all have the same base process and result — the sugar baby ends up paying the fake sugar daddy. 
Here are a few common sugar daddy red flags to spot the scam:
1. Sugar daddy scams on Cash App, Zelle, and PayPal
Fake sugar daddies lure their victims in by using Cash App, Zelle, and Paypal to steal information or money from sugar babies. The scams start on social media, where the scammer offers an attractive sum of money for expecting very little in return.  

2. Ask for Nudes
Another way that fake sugar daddies plot a scam is by asking for nudes in direct messages. Firstly, they put emphasis on the point that they are willing to pay a large sum for a few nudes. As soon as they receive the pictures, they either use those to blackmail sugar babies or never send the real money in the end. So you have to get a safe way to send nudes.

3. Fake Checks
Scammers entice sugar babies by sharing images of high-value fake checks. Then they ask the sugar babies to verify their identities by either sharing bank details or transferring some money to their account first. Either way, the sugar baby ends up paying from their account to the scammer.

4. Sugar Daddy scams on Instagram
Typically, the scammer sends direct messages on Instagram, establishing an image of a wealthy sugar daddy. Then they move to another platform and end up asking the sugar babies to send them something first before they can release the money.

5. Sugar daddy scams on dating sites
The scammers initiate conversations with prospective sugar babies online and then make the transition to more private messaging platforms to play out their scams. Not many dating sites provide a protective layer for their members. However, sugarbabiesonline has a strict verification system and anti-scam system to filter fake and scams.

6. Sugar daddy scam on WhatsApp
WhatsApp may be one of the most efficient and easy-to-use messaging platforms for people online, but it is also one of the most used platforms by scammers. Victims said, “The sugar daddy sent me a mobile check to verify my identity.” As soon as they click on the sent link or share the OTP, the scammer steals their information and hefty amounts from their banks.

7. Sugar Daddy scams on Telegram
Sugar daddy scammers have flocked to Telegram to tempt people in. They say that they're willing to pay off any bills they have, buy expensive goods, share high-value gift cards, and whatnot for being their sugar baby. Besides, they, too, always end up wanting money or financial information first in the name of verification, fees, etc. 

Sugar Daddy Sending Check Through Email Is It Fraud2

Sugar Daddy Sending Check through Email - FAQs

A sugar daddy asking for name for check and an email to send those checks seems weird; chances are that it probably is. Here are the three most commonly asked questions about sugar daddy sending checks through email.

1.Can a sugar daddy email you a check?
Although checks sent to email are accepted by most banks, using cheques for payment is particularly rare these days, and a forged cheque is often a classic way to make the sugar baby think they have money in their account, when actually neither the sugar daddy is real nor the check sent.

2.What to do when a sugar daddy sends a check through email?
When accepting a check from a sugar daddy, always remember never to share any personal or financial information. Know that a real sugar daddy will never ask you to pay for verification or any payment upfront. Plus, the current e-banking systems allow you to check the authenticity of the e-checks with ease.

3.Are sugar daddy checks real?
Sugar daddy sending check through email is a scam 9 out of 10 times. If a sugar daddy is choosing illegal, outdated, and indirect ways to send you money, then they probably are also not real. So how to know if a sugar daddy is real? Read the following part and learn how to find a real sugar daddy who sends money.

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How to Find a Real Sugar Daddy Who Sends Money?

There are many legitimate sugar daddies who are looking for sugar babies. However, it is essential to be careful from the get-go when meeting someone new online. Finding a sugar daddy who sends money may be tough but not impossible. All you need is to hop onto credible platforms and websites that ensure members' safety and an anti-scam setup.
sugarbabiesonline is a sugar dating platform that allows members to find genuine sugar relationships with a genuine and safe payment setup. Some of sugarbabiesonline's key features include:

Real & Verified Sugar Daddiessugarbabiesonline takes pride in vetting the applications before adding them as members to the platform through two-step verification.

Anti-Scam System
The anti-scam system at sugarbabiesonline ensures that members' information stays private and there are no leaks against the member’s discretion. Plus, the platform runs frequent audits and checks to keep the bots and scammers away.

Advanced Search
The filter and advanced search option allow members to find sugar arrangements that best suit their requirements. So, the chances of landing a scam decrease multifold.

Instant Chat
 sugarbabiesonline provides an instant chat option to its members where they are allowed to reach out to anyone they find interesting.

Spotlight - Get 10x Exposure to Sugar Daddies
The Spotlight feature at sugarbabiesonline brings the best sugar daddies on the site to the forefront. Then you can see which one fits the bill the best.

Send Profile to Spotlights | 10x More Exposure in 30 Mins

A simple click to bring your profile 10 times more exposure in 30 minutes. Harvest the huge number of match requests that are piled up.

If you'd like to access these features and more as a sugar baby, then here's how you can use the sugarbabiesonline platform:
Step 1 Click the “join now” button to sign up for sugarbabiesonline

Step 2  Make your profile a sugar baby one. An attractive
sugar baby bio can draw sugar daddies attention, so you are more likely to find a real sugar daddy to spoil you. 

Sugar Daddy Sending Check Through Email Is It Fraud Feature
Step 3 Unlimited viewing of sugar daddies' profile

搜索 (2)
Step 4  Start exciting conversations with real sugar daddies 

How Do Real and Legit Sugar Daddies Pay You?

Sugar daddy sending check through email may be fraudulent and outdated, but there also are better, legit, and safe ways for sugar babies to get payment.
Cash - Safest Way to Receive Money in Real Life
Often receiving direct cash from the sugar daddy is the safest way to secure real payment. Also, many sugar daddies prefer paying their sugar babies upfront with cash to avoid any hassle.

Cash App/Venmo - Safe and Anonymous Way to Receive Payment Online
Another common and secure way to receive payments is through credible cash apps like Venmo. It allows anonymous payments, reducing the chances of getting scammed or information leaked.

PayPal - Common Way to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy
Paypal is by far the most common way that sugar daddies use to make payments. The transfers are easily done without needing much information about the other party other than their PayPal account. 

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The internet is filled with stories about sugar daddy sending check through email and how sugar babies get scammed every now and then. So, the most important thing to remember is never to share your personal or financial details online. If any sugar daddy is asking for you to pay for anything, then chances are that it is a scam. Therefore, take your due diligence and protect yourself from becoming the victim. 


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