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5 Safe Ways to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy & Potential Scams

What is the safest way to receive money from sugar daddy? Check the 5 safe ways to receive money from sugar daddy in this blog. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each one, including the potential sugar daddy scams.

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Ways To Receive Money From Sugar Daddy

The sugar baby experience is exciting, ego-boosting, and glamorous. But on the flip side, this extravagant lifestyle is infamous for power imbalance or sugar daddy scams. Sugar babies are advised to be meticulous with their every decision. It is necessary to have a bunch of reliable friends to talk about your doubts. If you don’t have one, you should at least do some research. In particular, when money is involved, you need to know not only how much a sugar baby can make but also the safest ways to receive money from a sugar daddy. In this blog, 5 common ways and 6 other ways to receive money from sugar daddy are introduced. Each one has its pros and cons. Potential scams are also mentioned to help you avoid losing money. Stay tuned!


1. Cash - Safest Way to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy 

The Safest Way To Receive Money From Sugar Daddy

Cash is widely accepted as the safest way to receive money from sugar daddies. Any online transactions that reach a certain amount will be data transmitted to the IRS banking database which may result in reviews or chargebacks in the future. Cash is untrackable and irreversible. Sugar daddies often pack it into an envelope and hand it over to a sugar baby secretly. As long as you don’t talk about it with other people, no one knows where your money comes from. 

Cash, however, is sometimes inconvenient, especially when a long-term sugar relationship is built. Sugar babies usually earn about $2800 to $6000 a month, according to the research on how much sugar babies make. Such a large amount of money on a monthly basis is hard to be stored and managed. Saving them into your bank account might arouse suspicions and cause tax issues. Or, it is also possible that you squander them all before you know it. 

Therefore, you must have good money management skills if you decide to receive cash from your sugar daddy. (Budgeting apps or notebooks are helpful to keep track of your bills.) In addition, you’re not advised to save too much cash in your bank account. Other than that, you can treat yourself well with what you’ve earned. Also learn >> Is it illegal to pay for companionship.

  • Untrackable 
  • Irreversible
  • Tax free
  • Inconvenient 
  • No records to remind you how much you've spent
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2. Cash App/Venmo - Anonymous Way to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy

The Best Way To Receive Money From Sugar Daddy

Is Cash App safe for sugar babies?

Venmo or Cash App are safe for sugar babies to receive money from a sugar daddy. Both apps are private, anonymous, and irreversible. All you have to do is ask your sugar daddy for money, give your tag name, and receive the money. No personal information is needed and your sugar daddy can not ask for a refund. On top of that, money transferred on the Cash App or Venmo is more convenient and efficient than cash. You can use it to pay for your bills on Amazon online or in a restaurant offline. 

Be Aware of Venmo/Cash App Sugar Daddy Scams!

The problem is that Venmo or Cash App sugar daddy scams are common. Perhaps, you’ve already heard a lot about them. One type is that a scammer sugar daddy asks you for a clearance fee or transaction fee. He will send you a pic that says the transaction is pending and a small amount of money is needed. Another type is to send you a phishing email that poses to be a Cash App representative. The email either requests your login info or lures you to click a suspicious link. You must be vigilant! Cash App and Venmo never ask for any transaction fees or sign-in codes. 

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  • Anonymous
  • Irreversible 
  • Private 
  • Convenient  
  • Trackable 
  • Venmo/Cash App sugar daddy scams are common

3. Zelle - Convenient Way to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy

Safe Way To Receive Money From Sugar Daddy

Zelle is convenient. The money transferred through Zelle moves directly to your bank account associated with your profile, typically within minutes. But Zelle is not anonymous. It shows your name when you send the money. On the other hand, you need to give away your phone number or email to receive money from your sugar daddy. So Zelle is more appropriate to use when you trust your sugar daddy. At the very beginning of your sugar relationship, Cash, Cash App, or Venmo are safer options. Otherwise, you risk leaking your personal information or getting trapped in a bigger issue. 

Be Aware of Zelle Sugar Daddy/Momma Scams!

abc7News reported a sugar momma scam that is linked to Zelle this year. A 17-year-old boy was asked on Snapchat to be a sugar baby with $500 as an allowance weekly. The scammer sugar mamma was not hasty. She pretended to be interested in talking with this boy about everything, from holidays to family. No sexual activity. Just online companionship. So the boy agreed. Then the scammer instructed the teen to deposit two checks into his Wells Fargo account. One was $4000 and another one was $4500. He was told to keep $500, deposit the rest, and make a donation with Zelle on his behalf. The 17-year-old teen became suspicious but the scammer persuaded him with an excuse. So the boy did what the scammer told him. Unfortunately, the checks he deposited bounced in the end and he couldn’t get the money back because Zelle is irreversible.

  • Irreversible 
  • Private 
  • Convenient  
  • Not anonymous
  • Trackable 
  • A Zelle sugar mamma scam happened once

PayPal - Common Way to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy

Safest Way To Receive An Allowance From Sugar Daddy

Is PayPal Safe to Receive Money from Sugar Daddy?

Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle are money transfer apps in the United States. PayPal is popular all around the world. Is PayPay safe to receive money from sugar daddy? Yes. As the best money transfer app overall, PayPal monitors transactions 24 hours a day, uses sophisticated encryption, and protects transactions against fraud. The only two things that should be aware of are large amounts and sugar daddy PayPal scams. 

When you are receiving a large amount of money, PayPal might put it on hold. Or,  PayPal can use your tax ID number to send tax form 1099-K to you and the IRS if you receive $20,000 in gross payment volume for goods and services and 200 transactions in a calendar year. So you have to make sure that your sugar daddy sends you money as a gift on PayPal to avoid tax problems. 

Be Aware of PayPal Sugar Daddy Scams!

It is very common to receive money from a sugar daddy via PayPal. Needless to say, PayPal is also the target of sugar daddy scams. Those sugar daddy PayPay scams are various but there is one thing in common. They want you to send money or prepaid gift cards first. As long as you read this sign, you should block the person, whether his excuse is about the sugar baby loyalty test or transaction fees. Sometimes, the scam is tricker. The scammer sugar daddy wants to write a check to you. And in most cases, they insist on doing it via PayPal. The check can be deposited for real, however, it will bounce back later. You will be in trouble if you follow the scammer’s advice to donate as the aforementioned boy did. 

What to do if you receive a check from sugar daddy? Wait for a while instead of spending them all immediately. Even if you receive the money transferred directly into your bank account, you’re still advised to wait for some time. That money could be from a stolen credit card that might bounce later.

  • Irreversible 
  • Private 
  • Convenient  
  • Not anonymous
  • Trackable 
  • PayPal sugar daddy scams are common
  • Potential tax issues

5. 6 Other Safe Ways How Sugar Daddies Transfer Money 

The aforementioned 5 methods are common ways to receive money from sugar daddy. Other ways include Apple Pay, Snapchat Pay, Bitcoins, Gift Card, Maintenance or Beauty fees, Wish Lists, etc. 

Apple Pay: To use Apple Pay, both you and your sugar daddy need to have an iPhone 6 or newer, or an iPad, running iOS 11.2 or later. It is recommended to use it only when you trust your sugar daddy because it requires your phone number to send money. 

Snapchat Pay: Almost everybody has Snapchat, so it is quite simple if you receive money from your sugar daddy on Snapchat Pay. The only concern perhaps is about linking your debit card to Snapchat. As long as you don’t fall for sugar daddy Snapchat scams, you’ll be fine. 

Bitcoins: Some sugar daddies are technical geeks. They might offer to pay you with Bitcoins. But in most cases, it can be a scam, let alone the complexity. You are not recommended to receive your allowance with Bitcoins. 

Gift Cards: Gift Cards are safe but inconvenient. You can only use them on certain brands or products. In addition, scammer sugar daddies often ask you for a gift card. This method doesn't have a good name.   

Maintenance or Beauty Fees: Refinery 29 interviewed two sugar babies who were paid maintenance or beauty fees instead of a monthly allowance. One was a male sugar baby whose sugar mamma paid him $3000 for his rent and $300 for his gym membership. Another one was a girl whose sugar daddy paid her $22,157 a year for beauty services. 

Wish Lists: Wish Lists are lists of gifts you display on your sugar baby profile. Sugar daddy websites like Seeking Arrangement and sugarbabiesonline both allow you to create wish lists. You can also do it on Amazon, Nordstroms, or Macy's.  


What is the safest way to receive money from sugar daddy? The answer is cash because it is untrackable and irreversible, yet inconvenient. Money transfer apps, such as Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal, are convenient but they might be audited or scammed. Every one of them has its pros and cons. Which way to use depends on your sugar relationship and habits. 

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