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What Does Material Girl Mean? Compliment or Sarcasm?

What is a material girl? What is it like to be one? Is it necessarily bad or a compliment? Read on to find out all the answers here.

Rhea | Updated:

Material girl is quite a hot potato topic to discuss. Everyone wonders what does a material girl mean. Well, it's surely a girl who Loves material. The term Material girl gained its utmost fame in the 1980s when Maddona released her iconic song "material girl," which became one of her hits and most controversial songs of all time. This song depicts a girl loving luxury accessories and wants boys "who save their pennies and make her rainy day" – rain it with expensive materials, of course! But is being called a material girl a compliment or bitter sarcasm? That's for us to explain and for you to find out! Let's dig into some juicy "material."



Material Girl: Its Origins and Cultural Significance

Madonna's album, like a Virgin, starts with the song "Material Girl" in 1984. This song is inevitably one of her most played songs. No doubt, it has some electrifying guitar riffs and an energetic dance track, but it's the lyrics that grabbed everyone's attention. In the song, hot rich boys are lurking around Maddona, presenting her with expensive jewelry and gifts, and she is enjoying all the attention. That is how the material girl term acquired popularity that is still alive and thriving. 
Inevitably, Madonna gave life to the term material girl, but its history date back to the early 1900s. When women used to get married for the successful financial purpose of living a comfy and luxurious life. This song surely depicted the cultural lexicon and how it tightly bonded with the wanting of excessive money, or should it be said material? 
In the 1980s, America went through flashing economic prosperity, and consumerism increased significantly. Most people liked to live a life full of luxurious items, and everyone’s value was related to how much they were worth. In amidst materialism, material girls surfaced. In the song, Madonna can be seen singing, "Cause everybody's living in a material world. And I am a material girl" This is the portraiture of everyone lost in the material world going after the material only.
This song impacted many people; some took it well to want money, while others despised the women who only care for material. This song quite relates to the contemporary world, and this might be the reason this song gets recognized again by a significant number of people.

What Does Material Girl Mean?

You have gone through the reasons for the popularity of the term material girl and where it came from. The next question you would be wondering is, what does a material girl mean? Actually. The term material girl has been around for decades and has a variety of definitions related to it. Well, it is wise to say that material girl is a subjective term. It usually depends on the core beliefs, opinions and values of the person employing it. To get into the depth of the term, we should explore the definition where it comes from “Materialism.”

Materialism is the ideology that keeps money and expensive material things on top of everything. It's prioritizing worldly material over values, beliefs and people. It is the measurement of a person's happiness and success to how much material they acquire. It's the desire and goal to achieve every trendy expensive thing. Hence, the material girl is a woman who likes to own expensive jewelry, branded bags and clothes or enjoying rich people hobbies. She is a high-maintenance woman who likes to look updated every time. While some people take the material girl as a superficial and shallow who places materials over high values and beliefs, it can also be seen as a financial empowerment of women. Especially in the patriarchal world, where women went through hell in history and were robbed of their rights, it can be seen as women taking control of their financial development. They are breaking the stereotype of traditional gender roles and expectations by taking their own financial decisions and prioritizing their desires and ambitions.

However, the term material girl has gone through massive criticism. It is defined as selfishness, shallowness and superficiality. Many believe it regulates the cycle of income inequality, overconsumption, inferior or superior complex and even degradation of the environment. Moreover, there are also some opinions that it is very shallow to judge someone's happiness according to the number of expensive materials they own. But in the end, all that matters is what you think about yourself.

What's It Like to Be a Material Girl?

Ever wondered what it means to be a material girl? She owns every expensive thing, whether it is a collection of branded bags or rare shining jewelry; she likes to have it all. But the interesting part is she won't have to pay for it. She just desires, and her rich partner pays for them.  Let's look at the in and outs of the material girl's life:

Be Fashionable with Famous Brands

Material girl means having an iconic fashion's not easy to be a material girl. You need to spend hours correlating the dress with the right accessories to bring out a cohesive look - A look that is trendy and iconic. She likes to own the branded bags and clothes, and she carries them just how it meant to be.


Cherish Exquisite Travel Destinations

One of many things that she cherishes is traveling to exotic places, enjoying the delectable food at famous restaurants and staying in five-star hotels. Some material girls would like to take a sugar daddy travel. They like protocol and attention, and traveling by private jet to a private island and enjoying the yacht party is the hallmark of the material girl's best life. Whether staying at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or renting a villa in Bali to herself, she makes it a priority to make her travel adventurous and memorable. 


Intelligent & Educated

Most people perceive that material girls are usually uneducated, but contrary to this belief, they can have spectacular degrees from prestigious universities. An educated material girl knows how to articulate their thoughts, carry themselves and make better financial choices to build a brighter and shinner future— with lots of expensive material! 

Maintain Relationships

Women of this taste like to be linked with high society. They are usually associated with famous celebrities and affluent people. They know how to move in with these famous rich people and often visit exclusive parties and events. They know very well to get form connections with those powerful people to broaden their social circle. They might have dated affluent business tycoons or friends with famous actors because they are pretty, smart and acquired the ways to allure rich people. 

Committed to Health & Fitness

Material girls can't comprise their bodies and look. They must be attractive and fit to move into high society or be linked with rich hot men. That's why they are very concerned about their health and follow a health and fitness schedule regularly. They mostly hire personal trainers and dietitians to focus on their health and do whatever they can to keep them fit and healthy.

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How Do Material Girls Easily Find a Man to Spoil Them?

You have already learned that material girls are career oriented and like financial stability. They prefer not to sweat by working to pay their tuition fees. Instead, they go for the smart route and find a rich man, more like a sugar daddy for them. And voila, every expense is covered for them!
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Step 3  Hunt for Rich sugar daddy: Sugar daddies will inevitably have many chicks around them to gain their attention. You need to be different and do something that makes you stand out among them. Don't hesitate to start; always keep the chat interesting, and the best trick is to know their interest to keep them engaged and interested. 

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People have different opinions and perceptions about material girls, but ultimately, it depends on how someone perceives it. Everyone has different opinions, so their thoughts and beliefs may vary. Material girl is a lifestyle choice; if someone wants to adopt it, there is no problem. Many dating sites are giving opportunities to these girls to find rich men. One has to find the right dating site. sugarbabiesonline is a reliable website that bridges sugar babies and potential sugar daddies.

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