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How to Delete Seeking Arrangement Account in 2023 [Step-by-Step]

Are you unsatisfied with the service of Seeking and wondering how to delete Seeking arrangement account? Here is a step-by-step process to delete it rightly.

Rhea | Updated:

Do you wish to know how to delete Seeking account? Don't worry you aren't alone! Many like you are not satisfied with what this sugar dating site offers. Some aren't happy with the matches and dating offers they have received. The site has had its fair share of controversies too such as frauds, users having relationships with minors, etc. This blog is a step-by-step guide to help you delete a Seeking account permanently.

How To Delete Seeking Account


How to Delete a Seeking Arrangement Account Permanently

Before you know how to delete Seeking account, please remember that your profile will no longer be visible to people who search for it. But the company retains some personal information for legal reasons. This data cannot be deleted by you. Rest assured you won't receive any messages from the present or future matches on your account.

Delete a Seeking Arrangement account on the desktop (website)

Once you have made up your mind to delete the account, follow these steps if you want to know how to delete Seeking account:

  • Open the browser and then go to the seeking arrangement website.
  • Log into your account using the email address and password you used at the time of registration.
  • Click on the username or profile icon from the top right corner, and then go to Settings from the drop-down menu.


  • Scroll right to the bottom and you will see the Deactivate or Delete Account option – click on it.


  • You will be asked the reason for which you wish to delete the account. Select the reason, then enter your password to delete your account.


  • Complete the process by confirming your action of deleting the account.


Your account is permanently deleted, although some personal data could remain with the site owners.Deleting a Seeking Arrangements account on your phone is pretty much the same as that on a computer.

Delete a Seeking account On Your Phone (app)

If you have download Seeking Arrangement app, and want to know how to delete Seeking account on the app? Just follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Log in with the account details such as email and password.
  • Once you were login, you have to go to the menu option at the corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings and scroll down to the bottom, where you will find a Delete Account option.
  • Please be sure that you want to delete your account permanently before selecting the option.
  • Once you choose a reason for which you are deleting the account, go ahead and confirm the action.

After your account is deleted, please uninstall the app from your phone or tablet as well.

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Delete Seeking Account - FAQs

What happens when I delete a Seeking account?

When you delete a Seeking account, all information is eradicated from the main server, and the profile is no longer visible. You won’t appear on any searches. Certain data is retained by the company for legal reasons, but photos, chats, videos, etc. completely disappear. If you select the Delete option, your account is removed right away. In case you wish to use the website or app again, you have to register once more as a new user and go through the whole sign-up process.

What are the best alternatives to Seeking?

If you are unhappy with Seeking, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of sugar dating entirely. Find out how to delete Seeking Arrangement account, and then take a peek at some alternatives:

#1. sugarbabiesonline - Best Tinder-Like Sugar Dating Site and App 

sugarbabiesonline is an extremely popular platform used by both sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies, which is safe and secure as well. A truly amazing place to have fun and hook up with people who suit your requirements! All you have to do is register, add some attractive photos, and start searching right away. An advanced algorithm uses filters such as location, height, occupation, etc. to ensure you are matched quickly as per your specifications. Here are some of its features:

· Real & Verified Members – registrations are accepted only from the top 20 richest countries in the world. Face recognition technology is used to determine if the profile is real or fake.

· Huge User Base – sugarbabiesonline has over 100k profiles as of now!

· Easy to Match & Date – get matches as per your preferences, and use the Instant Chat option to connect via messages to express your interest.

· Spotlight – your profile gets 10 times more exposure, so the chances of meeting the ideal sugar date go up significantly.

Send Profile to Spotlights | 10x More Exposure in 30 Mins

A simple click to bring your profile 10 times more exposure in 30 minutes. Harvest the huge number of match requests that are piled up.

#2. Secret Benefits - Free for Sugar Babies

Secret Benefits is a site where sugar babies can sign up totally free of cost, create an appealing profile, and start searching for sugar daddies/mommies right away. Joining takes just a few minutes, after which you can connect and begin talking. Once you feel comfortable, you can meet up and take things forward.

#3. WhatsYourPrice - Bid for Sugaring (PPM)

You have more control over your dates on this site. Create a profile, mention few interests, and add some attractive photos. You will now start receiving offers to date, and if you are bold enough, you too can invite another member to send a dating offer. You are free to accept, reject, or make a counteroffer. Like a particular offer? Accept, start a conversation, and then plan a real-life date!

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Can I Reactivate A Deleted Seeking Arrangement Account?

If you have accidentally deleted your account, you can email the customer support team to restore it. But this rarely works, and they don’t make exceptions. The old account is deleted permanently so you have to create a new account and sign up as a new user. Photos, videos, and other information must be re-entered in the profile. Read up properly on how to delete Seeking Arrangement account prior to deletion.

Will My Subscription to Seeking Be Canceled Automatically If I Delete the Account?

Yes, your subscription to Seeking is canceled automatically after the account is deleted permanently. In case you have just deactivated your account, the subscription remains active. You have to go to the menu and manually cancel the subscription, and then deactivate it. Subscriptions are auto-renewed, so if you don’t wish to pay a certain amount every month, you need to cancel right away.

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What Should I Do If my Seeking Account Still Remains Active?

It rarely happens that a Seeking account remains active even after you have deleted the account from both the website and the app. But if there is a technical glitch and your account still remains active, all you have to do is reach out to their customer support team. They are pretty responsive and will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Delete My Seeking Arrangement Account?

No, you will not get any refunds if you delete the Seeking Arrangement account. Keep in mind that you have already paid for the subscription for a certain month. If the account is deleted, it means no money is deducted as part of the auto-renewal in the upcoming months. Premium memberships aren’t issued refunds, so make sure you have used your membership benefits before you decide to delete your account.


Now that you know how to delete Seeking account, go ahead and complete the process. If you aren't content with a particular site, it is best not to waste any more time on it. After all, deletion can be completed in a jiffy, with just a few clicks! Even though data like photos, videos, and chats are automatically deleted when the account is removed, it is best to delete them manually beforehand. Once you are done with how to delete Seeking Arrangement account, you can try your luck at sugarbabiesonline – one of the most sought-after platforms for sugar dating!

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