Secret Benefits Site Offer Range of Benefits for Both Sugar Babies and Daddies

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With so many users on Secret Benefits, one has to wonder if a sugar baby or sugar daddy should be signing up. After all, what could you possibly be missing out on? What to Expect From Sugar Benefits?

According to the Secret Benefits’ logo “Like regular dating – only better.” This is what the ideal sugar daddy/baby relationship should be like. A sugar relationship is similar to other relationships but without all the strings attached like a regular relationship.

Remember, a sugar daddy/baby relationship comes with “benefits.” So, in essence, Sugar Benefits got the premise of Sugar Dating down right.

One look at the Secret Benefits website means it’s a site developed toward sugar daddy dating. It’s not just for rich singles or the elite but to sugar daddies and babies of all types.

When it comes to the sugar baby dating, you want to be sure that the website you’re participating in brings in legit sugar daddies who know what they want and are actively looking for a sugar baby. After all, you don’t want to meet a potential sugar daddy and find out that he’s not interested in an allowance-kind of arrangement.

Secret Benefits eliminates wasted time by letting visitors know that it’s a site designed for sugar babies and daddies with its signup options. That’s the best thing a site like this can do to stop anyone from accidentally signing up that don’t want a sugar daddy/baby relationship.

It takes just five minutes for people to sign up on the site, with one of its first questions being what you want from a sugar daddy/baby. This allows prospective sugar daddies and babies to list what they’re looking for. When a sugar daddy or baby looks at your profile, they can see if you’re a match to their requirements. It narrows down the chances of misunderstandings and awkwardness.

What is Bad about Secret Benefits?

Secret Benefits has a large number of sugar daddies on the site to choose from with more and more men signing up daily. However, the problem is that some sugar daddies are not who they claim to be and are, in fact, not real sugar daddies. This means a sugar baby must wade through the profiles and weed out who is and is not a genuine sugar daddy.

With the large sugar daddy member base, it also means the site a plethora of sugar babies on it as well. It’s no big surprise, as the site is free for sugar babies to join.

However, if you’re tired of the competition that ensues on Secret Benefits, you can always sign up for a profile on other sugar daddy websites where both sugar babies and daddies pay to be a member, and there are very little fake, out of date profiles on the site.

Should You Sign Up For Secret Benefits?

Secret Benefits has an array of features that ensure it can be beneficial to sugar daddies. How is that? One thing, it’s free for any sugar baby, which means there are a plethora of sugar babies on the site.

On top of that, sugar daddies can feel secure knowing that each profile has been verified and is legit.

Sugar daddies don’t have a recurring fee but pay paid on a token system.

There is no doubt how beneficial Secret Benefits is to sugar daddies. Is there anything for sugar babies though?

Secret Benefits also has some benefits to sugar babies. For example, there are thousands of sugar daddy profiles for sugar babies to check out and view.

The really good thing about SecretBenefits is the mentality it projects. The first thing it projects is its pricing model. For sugar babies, it means when a man reaches out to her, he’s paying to meet her – to connect with her. Sugar babies don’t pay for anything, which allows them to message any sugar daddy they want for free. If the sugar daddy is interested in you, he’ll pay to continue the conversation.

Still, Secret Benefits is a great site because it lets you find an allowance daddy – a rich, older man who doesn’t mind giving you a weekly or monthly allowance along with the other perks that come with sugar dating. Besides the large array of sugar daddies to choose from, it’s also considered one of the easiest navigable sites to find a man willing to create a mutually beneficial arrangement that involved an allowance.

Is it worth the time invested in Secret Benefits – to sign up and create a profile? Absolutely!

Membership Cost

Note: $5.95 administration fee for all monthly memberships

Standard Membership:

  • $ 0 +$5.95 per month

Silver Membership:

  • $ 39.95 +$5.95 per month

Gold Membership:

  • $44.95 +$5.95 per month


Basic Features for Standard Membership:

  • Quick/Basic search
  • Send a Kiss
  • Upload up to 3 photos
  • Check who's online now
  • Post and verify your profile

Extra Features for Silver Membership:

  • Privacy settings
  • Advanced search
  • Smart Matches
  • Upload unlimited number of photos
  • Send and receive email under a limited storage
  • Chat/Instant Messenger to connect with others
  • Audio/Video instant messaging chat

Extra Features for Gold Membership:

  • Rank at the top in search results
  • Faster approval for profile
  • Send and receive emails with unlimited storage
  • You can save the history of chat/Instant Messenger.
  • Profile highlighted in Gold

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